Top 10 Care Instructions For Hardwood Flooring

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Did you know that real hardwood flooring can add significant value to your home? This is not only because it is a high quality flooring material, but also because of its timeless charm and ability to suit most dcor. Now, if youre going to invest in the considerable cost of installing real hardwood flooring, you should be prepared to protect your investment by putting in place some ground rules and also make a few adjustments to ensure that your pride and joy remains in beautiful condition for a long time to come.

There are several culprits responsible for damaging real hardwood flooring. UV rays from the sun, wet spills, overzealous cleaners and harsh contact with furnishings can all do significant harm. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy your floors without being a slave to them.

1. Attach felt or plastic pads to the bottoms of chairs, tables and other furniture so that they can be moved around without scraping the floor.
2. Lift furniture, and dont scrape it, as you move it around the room.
3. Avoid the use of toys, large or small, with wheels. The wheels are often made of hard plastic that becomes rough with use.
4. When vacuuming, use the brush attachment. Its even advisable to conserve one particular brush attachment for the real hardwood flooring and use a separate one for other areas of the house.
5. Sand and dirt are abrasive so keep mats at doorways to the rooms where hardwood flooring is in place. Wiping feet removes most traces.
6. Ask your flooring consultant about the correct cleaning agents to use on your floor. Different treatments on floors can require specialized products for cleaning.
7. While sunshine streaming in through the window makes us feel good, it has the potential to fade your floors over time. Keep drapes and blinds closed whenever possible.
8. Spills should be cleaned up immediately as liquids, including water, can stain real hardwood flooring.
9. Never walk on hardwood floors while wearing high heels, especially those with stiletto spiked heels.
10. If pets are housed in the area, make sure their nails are trimmed to avoid scratching the floor.

While the above list may seem like a lot of bother, its worth paying attention to these points so that your real hardwood flooring can stay in top condition for the long haul. Enjoy your home and your floor and use it an unused room is a wasted expense, regardless of whats on the floors, walls or ceiling.

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